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PDF Distilling

If you are experiencing a conversion error when trying to upload your paper to Manuscript Central, the reason is most likely the manuscript is a LaTeX-created pdf without proper font embedding; it needs to be distilled with one of the following procedures (taken from the Journal of the ACM), depending on your environment.

Using Adobe Acrobat (version 7.0 and lower) on Windows

  1. Download the PDF to your desktop

  2. Open the PDF file

  3. File > Save As

  4. 'Save as type' (dropdown below file name): Postscript (ps)

  5. Save it to your desktop

  6. You will now see two files with the same name on your desktop. One looks like a normal PDF and the other has an icon/odd design to it. That is your postscript file.

  7. Double-click on the file name with the odd design. If it does not start Acrobat Distiller automatically, then open Acrobat Distiller.

  8. Click and drag the postscript file onto the “Progress Status” bar in the middle of the Acrobat Distiller box. When you let go, it will redistill the file for you.

  9. Now when you go to your desktop, the original PDF that you downloaded should have been overwritten by the new distilled version. You can now upload the new file.

Using Preview on MacOS X

  1. Download the PDF to your desktop2. Open the PDF file in Preview (Preview is pre-installed on Mac OS)

  2. File > Export (if Export is not an option, choose Save As)

  3. “Format” (dropdown below file name): PDF

  4. “Quartz Filter” (dropdown below file name): None

Using pdftops and ps2pdf on a Linux/Unix system

Make sure the pdftops and ps2pdf command line programs are installed (on Ubuntu systems, they are provided, respectively, by the poppler-utils and ghostscript packages).

Assuming your file is named original.pdf, you can produce the distilled file distilled.pdf using the following sequence of commands:

pdftops original.pdf 
ps2pdf -dEmbedAllFonts=true -dPDFSETTINGS=/prepress
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